#02 Video Production in the Educational Technology (LLT) Studio

#02 Video Production in the Educational Technology (LLT) Studio

Authors: Team VA & Ypatios Grigoriadis

Videoproduktion im LLT-Studio der TU Graz

Did you know that the Graz University of Technology has a professional studio for educational video productions? For all those who have not yet had a chance to have a look at the heart of our video production, we have compiled the most important information about the studio for you. Enjoy a short studio tour:

Why is there a studio at TU Graz?

The Graz University of Technology has made it its aim to also integrate virtual parts into teaching, e.g. through the production of instructional videos videos. Until August 2016, this was done in an improvised way, which has then been replaced by a stationary, professional studio in the Münzgrabenstraße 35a. Ypatios Grigoriadis, team leader of the VA teams, sees this as an important step for the Graz University of Technology, as teaching and Learning videos can now be recorded under studio conditions. For high-quality recordings, these conditions are essential. Since the opening of the Educational Technologies (LLT) Studio, visitors have arrived from universities around the world to visit the studio and learn about the studio settings.

What does the studio offer me?

Creation of instructional videos of all kinds:
  • Conventional lectures, mostly supported by slides or graphics
  • Expert interview/interview
  • Complete MOOC1 production
  • Audio recording/scoring of existing videos
  • Filming of objects/things
  • After the shot: ”VIDEO to GO“
  • If no post-processing is necessary, the video „to GO“ can be taken along right away
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Support by the professional video team
  • Support with the conception of the screenplay
  • Estimation of the effort
  • Video editing & processing
  • Performance coaching

More detailed information on design, production and
use can be found in: Ebner, M., Schön, S. (2017) Lern-und Lehrvideos: Gestaltung, Produktion, Einsatz.
Handbuch E-Learning. 71. 4.61. p. 1-14 (available in German)

A person in the studio, seen from the front; second picture: the teacher's perspective, facing a screen or teleprompter
Fig. 1: In the studio

If you have no experience in front of the camera or feel insecure, we are happy to offer you an individual training on body language and gestures as well as voice & speech training.

To make it easier for you to speak in front of the camera, we have a teleprompter in the studio where you can ”read“ your texts directly in front of the camera.

Fig. 2: teleprompter

What exactly do I have to do if I would like to record a typical instructional video2 in the studio?

  1. Contact the VA team at va@tugraz.at & arrange one or more appointments
  2. Optional: preliminary meeting with the VA team via telephone or face-to-face (support as required)
  3. Optional: writing a script or concept for the instructional video or modifying existing script; alternatively, the VA team can prepare a script after receiving the essential contents
  4. Do I want to speak freely or do I want to use the teleprompter? —> If you would like to use the teleprompter, prepare a speech text.
  5. On the day of shooting: Appear at the studio just like you would for a regular lesson.

Here you will find a template that gives you helpful tips for your instructional video and is very easy to fill out. Please also have a look at the TeachCenter course in the TELucation folder – there you will find a template for your learning video script for download.

Alternatives to the use of the studio for teachers:

  • Live streaming of lectures from the studio into lecture halls/conference rooms all over the world – this requires more intensive preparations in the studio and a rehearsal is recommended
  • If someone has existing video content and would like to add audio to it, the VA team also offers the possibility of audio recording in the studio

Who you can look forward to in the studio & who is looking forward to seeing you…

Audio and video recording:
Alek, Antonia, Daniel, Martin, Matt, Stefan
Graphic design:
Performance coaching:
Martin, Matt
Antonis & Ypatios

portraits of the VA team and their names: Alek, Antonia, Daniel, Martin, Matt, Stefan, Eva, Antonis, Ypatios
Fig. 3: the VA team

For further information and booking the Educational Technology
(LLT) studio, contact the VA team at va@tugraz.at

1 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) combine traditional forms of knowledge transfer such as videos, reading material and problem-solving tasks with forums in which teachers and learners interact and work together in virtual learning groups.
2 A ”typical instructional video“ is a presentation by a teacher supported by slides or graphics.