How do I become an author?

Do you have an exciting, current topic that is also relevant for other university teachers, or is your teaching a best-practice example for others? Would you like to share your knowledge and your experiences with others?

You can find more information on the editorial process for new contributions in the TELucation Map (available in German); language and design requirements for new contributions can be found in the Author’s Guide (availalbe in German).

If you are interested in becoming an author of a contribution, please contact us at elearning@tugraz.at with your topic suggestion. We will then discuss the further procedure together.

How do I become an interview partner for the higher education podcast?

Do you have interesting stories to tell about your everyday teaching life or your role in a special teaching-specific function (senior lecturer, faculty representative etc.) at Graz University of Technology and would like to share them as part of a podcast?

If you are interested, please contact us at lse@tugraz.at.

What categories are there?

Contributions to the TELucation collection are divided into five categories: Didactics, Video & Animation, Higher Education , Tools and TeachCenter. The five topics are each assigned a color and an icon to make it as easy as possible to distinguish between them.

In some cases, there are two contributions on the same topic in two different subject areas, since they deal with different aspects of the topic. If there is a related article in a different topic area, this is indicated in the article by a sidenote with the respective icon and the color of the topic area.

The TELucation folder is an OER project. What does that mean?

This work or content is licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike 4.0 International License.

Others may:
Share – reproduce and redistribute the material in any format or medium
Edit – remix, modify and expand on the material

for any purpose, even commercial

with the following conditions:

  • Attribution – You must give appropriate credit, include a link to the license, and indicate, whether changes have been made. This information may be provided in any reasonable manner, but not in such a way as to create the impression that the licensor specifically supports you or your use.
  • Distribution with the same conditions – If you remix, modify or otherwise directly build upon the material, you may distribute your contributions only under the same license as the original.
  • No other restrictions – You may not use any additional clauses or technical procedures that legally prohibit others from doing anything that the license permits.

Why is there a printed version and a web version?

To ensure that there is something for everyone, TELucation articles are available as a printed version, as a web version and for download as a PDF file. Some people like to have their documents in paper form, others prefer to use digital materials.
 A hard copy of the folder itself is available at every institute and faculty of Graz University of Technology. In addition, selected persons such as the Senior Lecturers of the TU Graz have received a personalized folder.

When will new articles appear?

In order to keep teachers at Graz University of Technology up to date with regard to technology-enhanced teaching, new TELucation articles are published at regular intervals. Since the printed version of new articles is distributed at events by the OU Educational Technology, new articles are published about every two to three months. The online versions will be published at the same time.

Where can I get contributions?

If you prefer the digital version of the articles, you can access them at any time here at telucation.tugraz.at or download them as a PDF file.

However, if you prefer the paper version, you can download the articles as a PDF file and print them.

Whenever a new TELucation article is written, it will be published at an event by the OU Educational Technology and at selected other events in printed form. Furthermore, the new contributions are sent to all institutes and faculties by internal mail, so that their folders are also always up-to-date.

Where can I get stickers?

For each TELucation article, there is a sticker that can be collected and pasted onto the printed article in the folder. These stickers are also issued at events by the OU Educational Technology.You can find more information about stickers here.