Based on Panini collection stickers, the TELucation folder also offers stickers in printed form for collecting and sticking onto the articles.

Where can I get stickers?

Stickers are available for all TELucation articles and can be stuck onto the corresponding article. Just like the TELucation articles, these stickers are also issued at events of the OU Educational Technology.

Would you like to have stickers for one of your articles? No problem. Contact us and pick up the missing stickers for your articles.

How do I recognize stickers in a digital article?

You can recognize stickers in a digital article by the fact that the graphic/photo is slightly transparent. If you move the cursor over the graphic/photo, it appears in full color. Below it, you will find a textual indication that it is a sticker.

An example:

I am a sticker. Click here to
find out more about me.