The folder

This video will give you an insight into the analogue folder.

In 2019, the OU Educational Technology at Graz University of Technology published a folder with topics from the field of TELucation, which has since been continuously updated with new contributions in five categories.

The TELucation collection folder is an analogue compendium that primarily offers support for the virtualisation of teaching. The analogue folder offers a smooth transition and introduction to virtual teaching and is understood as a “tangible” reference work. A folder is available for free use at all institutes and deaneries of Graz University of Technology. Teachers with special functions (senior lecturers, faculty representatives for virtual teaching etc.) also receive a personalised folder in appreciation of their work.

Until further notice, new content will be sent to the institutes and folder owners at Graz University of Technology by in-house mail. For all external users of the folder, contributions can be read online and downloaded as a PDF.