Accessibility Statement

Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) strives to make its websites accessible in accordance with the Federal Act on Accessibility to Federal Websites and Mobile Applications (Web Accessibility Act - WZG) BGBl. I. No. 59/2019 as amended, to make them accessible without barriers.

This accessibility statement applies to the website

Measures for accessibility

Graz University of Technology takes the following measures to ensure accessibility of its websites:

  • Website accessibility is part of our technical, graphical and editorial guidelines.
  • We take the following editorial measures to make content accessible: on the website as a whole, through a WordPress theme that enables accessibility; in texts, through predefined headings and format templates; for images, through alternative texts and captions; for videos, through subtitles; for audio, through transcripts; through accessible documents and accessible web forms.
  • Guidelines and opportunities for further training on accessibility are provided for website editors.
  • We conduct regular quality checks of websites in terms of accessibility.
  • We involve people with disabilities in the development of website accessibility.

Status of compliance with requirements

This website is partially compliant with compliance level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines - WCAG 2.1.

Non-accessible content

The content listed below is only partially accessible or not accessible for the following reasons:

  • Videos: Since linked videos are mostly hosted on the video platform Youtube or TUbe, it is currently not possible to provide audio descriptions for these videos.
  • Documents: Some documents, such as the author's guide in PDF format, are not yet accessible. For resource reasons, there is currently no accessible alternative to the PDF files of the English TELucation articles, but the articles can be read online as an accessible version.
  • Color contrast: Deviations from the required color contrast cannot be ruled out for logos or in exceptional cases for colored boxes with text content.
  • Navigation with keyboard: The page is in principle navigable by keyboard, but the current position is not always highlighted.
  • Heading formats: Some of the headings in the category overview are tagged as h3 instead of h1. This is a bug that is being worked on to fix.

Creation of this accessibility statement

This declaration was created on 2.12.2021.

This declaration was created based on a self-assessment conducted by Graz University of Technology.

Verification of compliance with the WCAG 2.1 guidelines is planned through regular self-assessment.

Feedback and contact details

The content of our website is constantly being revised and improved. Usability and accessibility are of great concern to us.

If you notice any barriers that prevent you from using our website, please let us know. Please send all suggestions to Please describe the problem and include the URL of the affected web page.

Enforcement prodecure

In the event of unsatisfactory responses from the above contact option, you may contact the Complaints Office of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency with Limited Liability (FFG) by means of a complaint. The FFG accepts complaints electronically via the contact form of the Complaints Office.

The complaints are examined by the FFG to determine whether they relate to violations of the requirements of the Web Accessibility Act, in particular deficiencies in compliance with accessibility requirements, by the federal government or an institution attributable to it.

If the complaint is justified, the FFG must issue recommendations for action to the federal government or the legal entities concerned and propose measures to remedy the deficiencies at hand.

Further information on the complaint procedure