TELucation [tɛljʊˈkeɪʃ(ə)n], noun. Usually without article <engl.> 

About TELucation
For us at the OU Educational Technology, TELucation means more than just eLearning: The term is a neologism consisting of the words TEL (technology enhanced learning) and education. TELucation means that we would like to support you in using technology in your teaching in a meaningful and productive way.

Let me TEL(L) you about eEducation – bringing you closer to digital teaching and learning is the aim of this folder; digitally as well as in an analog setting.

How are we striving to achieve this?
By having the authors of the folder observe and inquire what the teachers at Graz University of Technology need for their digital teaching. We want to make this knowledge freely available and usable for everyone.

Simple. Effective. Scientifically sound.