Teaching – Learning – Listening: Giving a Voice to Higher Eduction

In conversations with people working in higher education at Graz University of Technology, we would like to offer a behind-the-scenes look and show how diverse and exciting the activities in teaching are. Representatives of different faculties and institutions, and in different positions invite us into their very personal world of teaching, talk about their motivation as well as challenges they encounter in their responsibilities regarding the education of our students.

Each month, we publish new interviews with people who work in higher education or are tasked with its implementation (e.g. teaching award winners, senior lecturers, faculty representatives for internationalization, faculty representatives for virtual teaching, Contact persons for children, youths & Guided Start activities, deans of studies, teaching experts).

In short, we want to give teaching at TU Graz a face and make it accessible to a broad audience.

All podcast episodes are only available in German. To listen to the podcast in German or download a transcript, please switch to the German-language podcast menu.