#02 - Feedbackr – Addendum to #01

The easiest way to interact with your students

More advantages of an audience response system

  1. Increased student attention
  2. Enhanced knowledge transfer
  3. Increased willingness to participate thanks to anonymity: Students are free to ask about something unknown without having to expose themselves or being afraid to ask a „stupid question“. Additionally, teachers‘ bias towards certain students can be prevented.
  4. Pre-formulated questions can be sent directly to teachers (anonymously). Often formulating a question is a great challenge for students - it requires students to know exactly where the problem lies. This gives students more time to think about their question and put it in concrete terms.
  5. Create interactive teaching environments: feedbackr offers the possibility to compare oneself and one‘s results with those of other participants. Thus, it creates interactivity in the lecture hall which leads to a changed teaching situation. By involving students, personal interest in the topic and in teaching is increased.
  6. Real-time-feedback: Students and teachers can see immediately which knowledge and competences have been gained and where there is still need for further explanation.
  7. Data acquisition and analysis: Due to its web-based nature, feedbackr - in contrast to votes by raising your hand - allows to save, display and analyze the results. This allows teachers to record developments over time and students to view their individual progress.


Clarissa Braun & Karin Pichler


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