Online exams using BigBlueButton or Webex - student guide

It is best to test a few days before the exam if you can get into BigBlueButton (BBB) or Webex and if your equipment is suitable for the exam.

If you do not have the technical equipment to be supervised during the exam with BigBlueButton or Webex, let your teacher now and they will arrange a different form of examination for you.

Recordings and screenshots of the online exam are explicitly forbidden.


Before the exam

During and after the exam

Help & Contact

In case of technical problems: videokonferenz@tugraz.at

For questions on TeachCenter / TeachCenter Exam: tc@tugraz.at

Be sure to test the access and your connection before the exam to anticipate problems.

If you encounter any technical problems during the exam, try the tips and hints in the guide Troubleshooting for Video Conferences.

If the problems persist, please report them to the teachers immediately. Describe the problem as accurately as possible and take screenshots of error messages if possible.

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 4.0 International

TU Graz Educational Technology, screenshots from exams with permission by Carlo Boano