#11- Mario Hirz: (Online) teaching in Automotive Engineering

In this podcast, Mario Hirz, Associate Professor at the Institute of Automotive Engineering at TU Graz, talks about his experience in online teaching. He is also a lecturer and researcher in Asia as well as in the USA and in the podcast he provides insights into the cultural differences between students. As a lecturer in Life-Long-Learning courses, he draws comparison between employee training and further education in industry and standard teaching at TU Graz. As part of his research, Mario Hirz deals with the transformation to sustainable mobility. In the podcast, he talks about how this transformation affects the different areas of automotive engineering in research and teaching.

The podcast as well as the transcript are available in German.

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 4.0 International

TU Graz Educational Technology, Katharina Salicites, Mario Hirz