#14 - Bernhard Reismann: a journey through the history of teaching at Graz University of Technology

In this podcast, Bernhard Reismann from the Graz University of Technology Archives talks about the history of teaching at Graz University of Technology and addresses questions such as the shortage of space, energy crises and teaching in times of pandemics, which are also topical right now. Bernhard Reismann also talks about international relations and international students long before the days of Erasmus. Special attention is paid to the role of women in the history of TU Graz as teachers and students.

More information on research in the Archive can be found on the website of the Archive.

The following publications are mentioned in the podcast and are available in the digital library of TU Graz:

Reismann, Bernhard A.: 125 Jahre Alte Technik

Reismann, Bernhard A.: In diesen schweren Tagen - Die Technische Hochschule im Ersten Weltkrieg

Publikationsreihe „Archiv und Bibliothek”

Wohinz, Josef W.: Die Technik in Graz

Weingand, Hans-Peter: Die Technische Hochschule Graz im Dritten Reich

The podcast and transcript are available in German.

Licensed under a Creative Commons Licence CC BY 4.0 International

Bernhard Reismann, Timotheus Hell, TU Graz Educational Technology