BigBlueButton: Guide for teachers

BigBlueButton (BBB) is a free and open source software for video conferencing.

BBB can be used directly via a TeachCenter course. The TeachCenter support can create a BBB activity in a course for you.

Before the meeting

Conducting a meeting with BigBlueButton

Help & Contact

If you have any problems in the video conference, try our tips from the user guide Troubleshooting in Video Conferences.

In case of technical issues, please contact the IT Support: videokonferenz@tugraz.at

For any questions regarding BBB settings in the TeachCenter: tc@tugraz.at

For further help, BBB tutorials and the BBB documentation by the IT-Support or on TU4U (in German) might be useful. Tipps for using BigBlueButton can also be found in the two TELucation articles #03 BigBlueButton - Technical Tipps and #04 BigBlueButton - Didactical Tips.