Using a video conferencing system in teaching

Some rooms at TU Graz are equipped with a Cisco Webex video conferencing system. The video conferencing system (VCS) allows you to have some of the students participate in the course from another room at TU Graz (e.g. lecture hall) or from home. However, the system can also be used as a whiteboard or to share your screen in face-to-face classes without a videoconference.

Please use the room calendar in TUGRAZonline to book the rooms with a VCS if you want to use them.

Photo of the whole system
Video conferencing system with large screen and touch panel

Grundfunktionen der VKA

During an online meeting

Further information

Help & Contact

For technical issues and questions: videokonferenz@tugraz.at

For questions on use cases and didactical measures: telucation@tugraz.at

The following guides and documents might be helpful: