Webex for teachers

In this user guide, we present features of Webex that might be useful in teaching. We recommend using Webex instead of BigBlueButton (BBB) for larger courses (>100 without camera, >30 with camera). In order to use these features of Webex, you need to have a TUGRAZonline account. 

Before the first use

Holding a video conference via Webex

Using Breakout Rooms

Settings and managing participants during a meeting

Help & Contact

Further information and user guides can be found here on this website in the menu "user guides" and in TU4U on the page "Videokonferenzen und Zusammenarbeit im Team" (only available in German).

If you have technical issues, please contact the IT support: videokonferenz@tugraz.at

If you have any questions about how to use Webex in teaching: telucation@tugraz.at