Exams in the TeachCenter Exam: STACK

STACK is a computer-based assessment package for mathematics that provides a question type for Moodle tests. Using structured templates, multiple versions of a question are randomly generated.

You can use it to create exam questions that (and their answers) contain mathematical expressions. Stack evaluates the mathematical expressions entered using computer algebra systems and provides feedback to students, e.g. in the form of points or hints on the answer.

Answers are not simply compared with a model answer, but are broken down into certain properties that must be given for the answer to be correct. In this way, consequential errors can also be recognised and assessed.

Creating a STACK exam

During and after a STACK exam

Help & Contact

For further help, please read the official Moodle documentation on STACK and the STACK documentation on GitHub.

More information for students in the Student Guide.

To see an example quiz with STACK questions, please go to the public TeachCenter course "Test Your Exam".

For questions on TeachCenter / TeachCenter Exam: tc@tugraz.at