Grading in the TU Graz TeachCenter (Exam)

Assignments, exams and self-assessments can be carried out directly via the TeachCenter (Exam) and graded directly in the TC (Exam).

Grades in the TeachCenter (Exam) are GDPR compliant because, unlike teachers, students only ever see their own grades.

Grades can then be transferred from the TeachCenter (Exam) to TUGRAZonline.


General information on Grades

Settings in the Grader report

Grading an assignment

You can find out how to use and grade an assignment as an exam or homework in the TeachCenter (Exam) under "File upload (exam or homework) in the TU Graz TeachCenter (Exam)".

Points are given directly in the assignment.

Grading a quiz

Information on how to create a quiz activity and how to grade it can be found in the guide to "The quiz activity in TU Graz TeachCenter (Exam)".

Points are given directly in the quiz.

Downloading results

Help & Contact

For questions on TeachCenter / TeachCenter Exam: tc@tugraz.at

For more information on grading and advanced options such as weighted grades, see the official Moodle documentation in the Grade category, the Grade FAQ, and the quick guide for grading.