Grading in the TU Graz TeachCenter (Exam)

In the TeachCenter (TC), there is the possibility to submit and directly grade assignments and offer exams and self-assessment tests.

Grades in the TeachCenter are GDPR compliant because students, unlike teachers, can only see their own grades and not those of other students.

Grades can then be transferred from the TeachCenter to TUGRAZonline.

Grading an assignment

Grading a quiz

Settings in the grader report

By clicking on Grades in the Main Menu, teachers can open an overview page that displays all grades of all participants in the course in a grid for the entire course.

Downloading results

Help & Contact

For questions on TeachCenter / TeachCenter Exam: tc@tugraz.at

For more information on grading and advanced options such as weighted grades, see the official Moodle documentation in the Grade category, the Grade FAQ, and the quick guide for grading.