Online exams using BigBlueButton or Webex - teachers' guide

BigBlueButton or Webex are best suited for proctoring online exams in small groups or discussing submissions with individuals and small groups.

The legal framework for proctoring is written down in the Statute Part Legal Regulations of TU Graz.

Before the exam

During the exam

After the exam

Help & Contact

In case of technical problems, try the hints and tips in the user guide on Troubleshooting Video Conferences. 

If the technical problems persist, please contact the IT Support: videokonferenz@tugraz.at or via phone (extension 7000)

If you have questions about Webex, the instructions by the IT support (available in German) and the user guide Webex for teachers can help you.

If you have questions about BigBlueButton, the instructions for teachers and the instructions for students can help you. You can also find some helpful tips in the TELucation articles on BigBlueButton.

For further didactic questions about the use of BigBlueButton or Webex: telucation@tugraz.at

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 4.0 International

TU Graz Educational Technology & Carlo Albeto Boano

Our thanks go to Carlo Alberto Boano for the experience report on which this guide is based on and the photos of the exam situations used in this guide.